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of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account


of Americans have no savings at all


Americans don't have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency

Data pulled from this Forbes article

Patient self-pay responsibility is increasing. Help your patients meet their out-of-pocket expenses by offering flexible payment solutions.

Curae is the strategic partner for complex healthcare systems integrating technology, services and capital to solve for all patient liability challenges.

Extend the lifetime value of your patients, increase patient satisfaction and stickiness with an elegant, push-button payment experience. Increase patient payments up to 100% or more, improve system-wide revenue by 2-5% and eliminate bad debt. Minimal technical requirements and a simple implementation makes Curae the right choice for complex systems.

Patient Financing, Redefined!

Benefits for Health Systems:

healthcare financing

Benefits for Patients:


We are a healthcare-focused financial technology company that enables flexible patient payment options.

  • Simple Enrollment

    A self-service, paperless, mobile-first technology that allows for a fast and easy online process. A decision in less than 10 seconds gives you and your staff the time to concentrate on your patients.

  • User-Friendly Portal

    Our web-based portal does not require IT integration and is easy to use with your existing systems. This means no interruptions to your current process.

  • Payment Clarity & Confidence

    Automate your financial clearance process with an integrated estimation, eligibility, and scheduling tool. With confidence, payment will be made at the time of service.

Fast & Easy Patient Financing



Receive 100% of patient responsibility upfront without the risk of default



Customized solution to meet your ROI objectives



Instantly process a transaction and get funds within 24-48 hours


I would highly recommend Curae…

We chose CURAE™ due to the innovative features of their solution and their ability to seamlessly integrate into our environment allowing us to provide a consumer-driven and patient-friendly experience.

Brian Unell
Former VP of Revenue Cycle, Piedmont Healthcare

World-class financial services

Integrated. Automated. Streamlined.


One centralized platform for operational efficiency

Improve profitability and cash flow

Drives more accounts “Paid-in-Full”

Enhances Patient Engagement

Paperless & Mobile-enabled

It's time to convert your Self-Pay strategy
into real cash flow, when you need it...
Pre-Service, Point-of-Service and Post-Service.

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