Comprehensive Payments

A one-stop solution for healthcare providers looking to improve their financial performance while optimizing the patient's financial experience. Our platform includes a range of features that are designed to make the financial process as seamless as possible for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Full- service electronic payment processing

It allows patients to easily pay their bills online, reducing missed payments and improving cash flow. Patients can access their bills and make payments through a secure, user-friendly portal, eliminating the need for paper bills and manual payment processing. This feature not only improves the patient experience, but it also helps healthcare providers reduce administrative costs, bad debt, and AR days

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Fully funded non-recourse 0% interest financing

A solution that funds the provider the entire transaction amount within 24-48 hours directly via ACH deposit without any provider liability for default. CURAE gives patients the opportunity to manage their healthcare expenses with flexible, 0% interest programs. All patients are eligible, regardless of credit history

Automated outreach

It is designed to improve communication with patients and reduce missed payments. Our system sends automated reminders to patients about upcoming payments, ensuring that they stay on top of their bills and reducing the risk of missed payments. Patients can also receive notifications via email or text, allowing them to easily access payment information and make payments on the go

Touchless/ Staff free

With touchless options, patients can make electronic payments quickly and easily, without the need for in-person interactions or manual processing. This not only improves the overall payment experience but also increases efficiency and reduces the risk of human error. Additionally, staff- free solutions can streamline the payment process by automating routine tasks and reducing the workload for healthcare staff


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Curae was very helpful

I must confess with out the help of curae many of the processes I needed for my medical needs I would’ve never been able to receive. They kept someone with a fixed income to pay over time and make it affordable. I can’t thank them enough.

William McQueen Sr.

A World-class patient financial care services platform

Integrated. Automated. Streamlined.


One centralized platform for operational efficiency

Improve profitability and cash flow

Drives more accounts “Paid-in-Full”

Enhances Patient Engagement

Paperless & Mobile-enabled

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