Financial Clearance

Our solutions are designed to help healthcare providers optimize their financial management and increase revenue.  With its innovative technology consisting of more than 40 billion cells of proprietary model training data and an infrastructure 100% cloud-based, CURAE’s patient financial care platform assists patients in managing their healthcare expenses by providing access to flexible, affordable options in a mobile-first, consumer-rich experience.

Eligibility Verification

Our solution enhances the healthcare provider experience by streamlining the coverage confirmation process and reducing the risk of denied claims. This automated process allows healthcare providers to accurately verify their patients’ coverage and bill insurance companies correctly. This leads to optimized staff productivity and improved end collections, ultimately resulting in a better experience for patients

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Coverage detection

It is the foundation of any good revenue integrity program. Our solution helps providers find and collect on self-pay, charity, and bad debt accounts. We find previously unidentified Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial claims eligibility by integrating an automated coverage detection program that helps reduce overall patient accounts receivable and bad debt write-offs

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Medicare monitoring

Our solution helps providers minimize denials, process more claims per day and improve visibility into Medicare claim status. Additionally, it allows healthcare providers to quickly detect and correct errors in real-time, leading to a more streamlined healthcare system that results in improved operational efficiency, better patient outcomes and a more seamless claims process.

Patient Financing Healthcare

Transfer DRG

With over 40% of all Medicare inpatient discharges coded as a transfer, providers are sacrificing significant revenue due to underpayments. CURAE uses proprietary underpayment audit software to look for viable claims to help providers identify and recover Medicare Inpatient underpayments. We identify TDRG errors across 278+ rules subject to PACT compliance and rely on Medicare’s Common Working File that allows us to review 100% of a hospital’s Medicare inpatient discharges


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Curae was a lifesaver

My husband had an unexpected hospital stay and with limited insurance coverage I was worried with how we would we pay. When I was told about Curae it was a huge relief. The application was easy and we're now able to make monthly payments.

Kathy Smith

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