Patient Advocacy

Our solutions encompass financial support, insurance registration, screening for eligibility for charity programs, sponsorship of patient insurance, and identification and registration for charitable organizations and foundations. These efforts can alleviate the financial strain on patients and enhance their healthcare experience by providing them with the means to cover their medical expenses.

Financial assistance

Our programs are designed to provide financial assistance and support to patients in need. Our solution can help patients access the resources they need to pay for their healthcare, reducing the financial burden and creating a positive patient experience. With CURAE’s Financial assistance program, healthcare providers can help patients navigate the healthcare system, reduce costs, and improve the overall healthcare experience while increasing revenue

Patient Financing Dental Services

Insurance enrollment & sponsorship programs

We identify and convert uninsured patients into patients with commercial insurance coverage resulting in an immediate financial impact on the hospital facilities and related physician groups. These programs can help reduce the financial burden and improve patient satisfaction by making healthcare more affordable and accessible. With CURAE's insurance enrollment and sponsorship programs, patients can access the care they need without the burden of high cost


Charity and foundation identification & enrollment

We offer safety net programs for the insured population. CURAE helps patients find and access financial assistance from relevant charities and foundations, reducing the financial burden and improving patient satisfaction. By providing patients with access to financial assistance from charities and foundations, healthcare providers can help ensure that patients are able to access the care they need, regardless of their ability to pay


Patient support & call center

Our patient support team is available to answer questions, provide information, and help patients access the resources they need to pay for their healthcare needs. Additionally, our call center is available to help patients with any questions or concerns they may have, ensuring that they have a positive experience

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