Curae Finance, LLC Launches Industry’s First Patient Financial Access Platform at HFMA

Curae Finance, LLC Launches Industry’s First Patient Financial Access Platform at HFMA

Atlanta, GA – June 24, 2024 – Curae Finance, LLC (“Curae”) has announced its market introduction of the industry’s first Patient Financial Access Platform at the HFMA annual conference in Las Vegas. The comprehensive platform enables health systems to reduce the risk of uncompensated care and lost revenue while improving the affordability of patient responsibility payments.

The Curae® Patient Financial Access Platform integrates with a health system’s revenue cycle ecosystem and electronic health record. Patients engage with the platform through their mobile device or laptop at the time of scheduling and through patient statements for existing balances. Patients with large deductibles are provided a 0% interest line of credit to pay for needed care. Other patients without insurance can receive assistance enrolling in Medicaid or an affordable commercial ACA plan. Other patients facing essential but high-cost therapies not covered by insurance can receive assistance with enrolling in philanthropic aid covering drug therapies and out-of-pocket related expenses.

Through the Curae® platform, health systems are gaining a reduction in patient bad debt of more than 20% with non-recourse balance liquidation; patient net-promoter-scores are increasing by 30 points; providers are realizing a higher level of engagement in care especially for higher-risk patients (diagnostics, monitoring, specialists referrals), resulting in better outcomes.

Curae’s CEO and founder Chris Stenglein said We listened to customers’ concerns about the exploding patient bad debt from high deductible plans and uninsured/underinsured patients”. Stenglein continued, “Providers needed a solution to help patients afford their care, to get paid in a timely manner, and to not be in an adversarial position in the patient financial experience. We’ve provided that solution”.

For further information please contact Gary Johnson, Chief Growth Officer at Curae.

About Curae

Curae Finance, LLC is an innovative technology and business process company serving US health systems. Headquartered in Atlanta GA, Curae applies technologies and workflow design in its platform and other solutions to help providers’ patients gain access to more affordable care through financing, insurance, and other funding initiatives. Providers reduce their patient bad debt before and after insurance, improve cash flow and greatly improve their patient relationships.



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