Curae™ Non-Recourse Patient Financing Platform Joins the Epic App Orchard Marketplace.

Atlanta, GA. (June 29, 2021)—Curae Finance, LLC, a national leader of non-recourse healthcare financing for consumers, is pleased to announce that it is now listed and available on Epic’s App Orchard marketplace. With the App Orchard program, Curae helps providers to serve more patients through a suite of flexible, non-recourse / 0% interest patient financing options.

The integration between Epic and Curae benefits Health Systems in multiple ways—quickly connecting eligible patients with financial resources, increasing collections, and reducing the risk of bad debt—and increases the growing number of payment options adding a significant impact to the top and bottom line.

Curae provides up to 100% of the patient responsibility paid directly to the healthcare provider within 24-48 hours of the transaction and assumes default risk if a patient is not able to satisfy the full payment amount.

“We are very excited to bring Curae to the Epic App Orchard marketplace,” stated Curae’s VP of Technology Nicholas Johnson. “This integration makes it easier for Epic users to integrate Curae and quickly benefit from personalized payment options, increased patient volume, and overall patient satisfaction.”

Curae interest-free programs are available to all patients supporting 100% of the patient population. Curae’s unique provider-branded approach serves to capture the “Lifetime Value” of the patient for the provider.

 About Curae

Believing the patient financial journey and provider liquidity can be drastically improved, Curae exists to empower providers to serve more patients through a suite of flexible, non-recourse-based financing options.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Curae works with health providers across the United States. For more information about Curae and its solutions, please visit www.curae.com.


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