Are your patients satisfied?

Are your patients satisfied?

Patient satisfaction is a Key Performance Indicator that Healthcare providers track very closely today. Patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, Net Promoter, and HCAHPS scores to name a few. In the age of consumerism, patients are in control of where they choose to receive care but are under significant financial constraints that come with serious health issues. With more financial liability shifting to the patient and increasingly higher deductibles, the patient out-of-pocket expenses add up, creating additional stress when patients want to focus on healing outcomes.

To alleviate financial stress, addressing the Provider’s self-pay initiatives is an integral part of the patient experience and the best place to start. Patients expect an approach to their care that provides end-to-end health and financial blueprint. In order to do this, health systems must leverage the right technology to achieve patient financial experience goals and recognizing revenue.

Given the strain patients already face, there’s no need for them to navigate billing hurdles as they seek to settle their account balances. A Provider’s willingness to offer payment options to fit the patient’s personal situation and preferences is a crucial step to leveraging an efficient Self-Pay strategy. Far too often the concern of patient payment plans revolves around patient fears such as application fees, credit score concerns, and affordability which can create even more problems and anxiety. Thankfully Curae™ alleviates all of these concerns with a simple one-minute, paperless process that does not impact the patient’s credit file.

Curae™ provides comprehensive financing options to patients, including those with less than optimal credit scores who prove to be the most vulnerable to higher out-of-pocket costs. Health systems may now address stressful payment problems their patients face every day by offering an efficient patient payment solution. Providers also benefit by recognizing revenue immediately with Curae™ as we fund the provider within 24-48 hours with no recourse or additional liability with defaulted accounts

The solution to patient financial burdens can now be solved in three easy steps:

  1. Quick Application: patients fill out Curae’s™ one-minute application (applying does not impact their credit score), and quickly receive a credit decision within seconds.
  2. Use the Account Today: If approved, patients can start using their account immediately and easily add balances to the account in the future. Available credit lines range from $3,000 to $10,000.
  3. Flexible Payments: Patients can pay their balance in monthly payments to fit their budget and have the ability to pay off the account at any time without penalty.

With Curae™, health systems are able to fight off financial toxicity and ensure patient satisfaction with the billing process. Curae™ provides a solution that doesn’t exhaust the patient’s current financial resources and Curae’s™ revolving line of credit allows patients to finance current and future healthcare needs overtime specifically at your organization. Health systems must maintain focus on the increasing consumer-driven healthcare market with financially viable options for the patient and a fiscally responsible solution for the Provider

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