Curae™ Ranked in The Top 10 RCM Solution Providers – 2019

Curae™ Ranked in The Top 10 RCM Solution Providers – 2019

Atlanta-based patient financing company Curae™ has been named one of 2019’s Top 10 RCM Solution Providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine.

Believing the revenue cycle model in healthcare is fundamentally broken, Curae™ exists to empower providers to serve more patients through a suite of flexible, non-recourse-based financing options. Curae™ is a subsidiary of Atlanticus Holdings Corporation, which has been in the consumer finance market for more than 21 years servicing more than 17 million customers and supporting lenders who have originated over $25 billion in loans. Curae™ lines of credit are healthcare specific, patient-financing solutions for many types of healthcare providers including acute, surgical and elective disciplines. Curae™ lines of credit are available to consumers at specific healthcare providers and provide funding to the provider within 48 hours without further obligations upon default.

Curae™ is uniquely positioned to help patients with the sometimes unexpected burden of higher healthcare expenses, and offers providers financial security with a fiscally responsible non-recourse patient financing solution,” said Mark Starr, Executive Vice President, Curae. “Unlike other non-recourse patient financing solutions in the market, Curae™ addresses the entire credit spectrum, serving a broad range of customers, not just prime borrowers,” he added.


Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine is a print magazine published in Fremont, California, which features CIOs, ITVPs, CTOs, and other decision-makers sharing their insights and perspective on the healthcare industry.  A panel of experts, technology leaders and board members of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine finalized the Top 10 RCM Solution Providers 2019 and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants in the healthcare industry.

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