See How You Can Buy Or Refinance Your Office Building

See How You Can Buy Or Refinance Your Office Building

The Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program was established to help business owners buy their primary office building.  These can be used for new property purchases or to refinance existing property mortgages.

A few benefits of the program:

20 Years

Plan your business with loan terms as long as 20 years.

$5 Million

You could receive a loan size up to $5,000,000

Low Rates

Interest rates as low as 6% for qualified business owners

SBA qualifications are more stringent than a typical facility from Provider Web or a bank loan. 

To qualify you generally need a minimum FICO of 650 and you will need enough free cash flow (profits) in your business to cover the monthly debt service.  The SBA will also look at any debt or obligations of the company or the primary owner.

Navigating the SBA loan application process can be difficult, but Provider Web Capital can help. 

We can walk you through the application process and get you a pre-qualification in 24 hours.  We can then help you through the closing process and get you the money you need to own your business property.

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