How repealing Obamacare will affect your business

How repealing Obamacare will affect your business

Lately the big question on everyone’s mind is, “What will happen if the ACA is repealed?” In this week’s issue of the Pulse we are going to take this question one step further and explore how it could affect your healthcare business. It’s no secret that the Trump administration and the Republican controlled Congress are will attempt to repeal Obama Care, possibly beginning with the law’s insurance premium tax credits and expansion of Medicaid eligibility.

So, what does that mean for you, the healthcare provider? According to a recent study released by the Commonwealth Fund :

“Recent analyses show canceling the ACA’s tax credits and Medicaid expansion would double the number of uninsured Americans.” 


The study goes on to say :

“As millions lose their insurance, hospitals and other providers would see their uncompensated medical care costs soar by $1.1 trillion from 2019 to 2028, and they would experience major revenue losses as well.”


If the incoming administration puts an end to the expansion of Medicaid, all healthcare providers will see a rise in uninsured patients. Uninsured patients means less revenue and more claim denials. Don’t let major changes to the healthcare law negatively impact your revenue cycle. Talk to Provider Web today and see how we can help.

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