The Results Are In…

The Results Are In…

With the Presidential election just days away, Provider Web Capital conducted a two week survey gathering the last minute opinions of healthcare practice owners. Regardless of which candidate wins, we are likely to see sweeping changes to healthcare and a wave of new government regulations. Our main objective was to determine what changes healthcare agencies would like to see when the new administration takes office.  And well, the results are in…

Over 85% of practice owners want to see major changes to Obama care with 37% voting for it to be repealed.

The majority of reporting businesses noticed little or no changes to reimbursement times since the Affordable Care Act began. 26% said reimbursements have slowed down.

36% of survey participants said they have noticed more claim denials since Obama Care begun with close to 63% reporting no change.

Come November 8th one thing is certain, change. But change isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are prepared for any outcome. Talk to Provider Web today about securing plans for your future.



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