Video Testimonial from Provider Web Customer

Video Testimonial from Provider Web Customer

Please see the video below, a client testimonial with Andrea L. Brown-Joseph.  Ms. Brown-Joseph is the Director with A Supreme Nursing and Homecare in our home state of Georgia.  Supreme Nursing is a skilled nursing agency providing services to all type of patients from “pediatrics to the golden age”.

In this video, you will hear Ms. Brown-Joseph describe the application process as “so easy and so quick” and Provider Web “gave us exactly what we needed”.  And she “got the funds the next day”.  She further stated “with Provider Web, it was great because if we didn’t get paid that week they did not take a payment”.  When asked for a recommendation about Provider Web, Ms. Brown-Joseph gave the company “100%, 5 star!”, further saying “we wouldn’t consider going anywhere else”.

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