Press Release: Unprecedented Growth in 2016 Leads to 137% Increase Over 2015

Press Release: Unprecedented Growth in 2016 Leads to 137% Increase Over 2015

Building a Community by Offering our Clients Solutions

ATLANTA, GA – Provider Web Capital is the leader in healthcare finance with innovative technology designed to add value across the entire healthcare claims eco-system.  Client financing originations are up 137% for the first five months of 2016 compared to this same period in 2015.  This robust growth is fueled by the ground-breaking products and services that Provider Web Capital offers. In addition our solutions-based approach delivers value through addressing our customers’ unique health care challenges, which truly earns the trust of each of our clients.  Without a shadow of a doubt, Provider Web Capital’s unprecedented growth is a direct result of this trust from our community.

A Few Examples of Funding Support for Our Clients in May:

  • $85,500 to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor in Texas. This doctor was moving into a new office and needed additional funding to cover the costs of the move and getting the office equipped to see patients. Provider Web came in with the funding when needed to get this project completed.
  • $27,000 to a home health care provider in California using our new Remit ATM™ product. Provider Web helped this practitioner by bridging the ever-dreaded “gap” between making payroll on-time and the arrival of Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements, which is often weeks and even months later.
  • $20,000 to a home health care provider who is experiencing exceptional growth and just got certified. Unfortunately for this customer (and many of our HHC clients), there is a lag-time between certification and when revenue streams start coming in well after certification.  Provider Web helped ease this time of transition and was there for the client when we were needed most.

In addition to these exciting new originations for the month of May, Provider Web Capital CEO Chris Stenglein emphasized, “Our new Remit ATM™ fast-track funding tool and all of our innovative health care financial products are indeed instrumental in delivering bottom-line results for our clients. Provider Web Capital is all about assisting and delivering value to our customers in a manner that is affordable, readily accessible, adaptable and applicable to the very unique challenges that our health care clients are facing.  We are building an exceptional community which our clients are responding to and which is a direct result of our exponential growth.”

Provider Web Capital delivers our clients value, trust, and common-sense solutions structured specifically for health care providers.  For further information, please contact us today at (855) 860-9700 or visit our company website at www.providerwebcapital.com.

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