Remit ATM: Provider Web’s Innovative Financing Solution

Remit ATM: Provider Web’s Innovative Financing Solution

As all small business owners know, the ability to manage short-term operating needs and long-term profitability goals can be quite cumbersome. The goal of owning a for-profit business is to maximize the value of the firm, but as everybody realizes, it’s the little things that allows your business to achieve that goal. A functioning business must be able to budget their expenses properly; a small business owner can’t earn a profit if he can’t manage his expenses.

Small businesses in the healthcare industry rely heavily on performing services with little to no payment at time of service.  They then receive these funds weeks or months after the fact. Small business owners have to build these delays in reimbursement into their business model, using forecasts to create a pro-forma budget. But when the forecasts differ significantly from actuality, small business owners find themselves in a cash crunch. If a claim is predicted to be paid on a Wednesday, and that claim is used to pay staff, it is crucial that the small business owner have the cash on hand necessary to account for this. Should the claim not come in until Thursday or later, the small business owner will have quite a quandary on his hands.

To ease these kinds of headaches, Provider Web Capital has unveiled its unique Remit ATM product, a patent pending solution designed exclusively for the healthcare industry. Provider Web recognizes that these reimbursement delays cause significant problems for business owners. Remit ATM is designed to curb these problems, smoothing over these bumps caused by cash flow irregularity. Provider Web will fund a small business the amount of a specific receivable, subject to a discount for Provider Web’s services. Once this receivable is recognized in the business’ bank account, Provider Web will repay itself at the later date. Remit ATM is customized for each client to meet the needs of the business and tie into a client’s current billing process.

Remit ATM is designed to be as easy as withdrawing funds from an ATM machine. Customers can pick individual invoices to receive early payment, and the funds will be in their bank account the same day. No more uncertainty for the business owner, no more problems with operating expenses. Provider Web’s solution has already helped business professionals across the United States, and positions Provider Web to become a significant force in the healthcare financing marketplace.

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